Media Social Responsibility

What Must Bill Cosby or Nate Parker Do or Say For Us to Support Their Work?

My sister looked at me with shock and disappointment and then asked “How are you watching that? We just spoke about Bill Cosby and the horrendous rape incidents yesterday?”. Yes, it is true. The day before my sister and I had discussed the fact that dozens of women had come out to say that Bill Cosby … Continue reading

Economic Empowerment

Ladies, Are You in Financial Bondage or Financial Freedom?

It’s a painful question that we all have to ask ourselves. Most of us have heard the horrifying statistic that one third of Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.  As the economy shifts from industrial to informational and from local to global, we will see more workers displaced.  What are you doing to … Continue reading

Media Social Responsibility

Open Letter to Allure, The New York Times and Other “Lamestream” Publications: If You Don’t Know, You Better Ask Somebody

Dear Allure, The New York Times and Other Lamestream Publications, I hope that you all are well. Personally, I’m feeling tired. Why am I tired? I’m a bit tired of the same  drill with you all over and over, and over again. You know the drill.  One of you mainstream, aka “lamestream”, publications publishes an … Continue reading

Black-Owned Businesses / children / shopping for children / Socially Responsible Enterprises

Are You Teaching Your Kids to Be Mediocre?

This blog is about using our purchasing power in order to create a better, more socially just and more economically prosperous society. We purchase with love from people who love what they do.   But I have another related issue that I wanted to discuss pretty please.  Are we affirming the individuality of our children … Continue reading

Black-Owned Businesses / Holiday Shopping / Woman-Owned Businesses

Black Owned Alternatives to Major Brands (A Guide to Buying Black – December 2014)

I committed to purchasing from small businesses during the holiday season in 2014 and it was not an easy process.   The one percent have abundant economic resources to make purchasing from them seamless, convenient and emotionally enjoyable.  Most small business owners do not have such resources.  I struggled to complete a purchase of cookies because … Continue reading

Black-Owned Businesses / Holiday Shopping / Shopping for Women / Socially Responsible Enterprises / Woman-Owned Businesses

Black-Owned Companies with the Perfect Holiday Gifts for Women

Are you engaged in economic protest or a blackout against police brutality? Do you simply believe in socially responsible spending?  Do you simply want a more personal shopping experience? Your desire to make responsible and loving purchasing decisions does not have to cramp your giving style. Some people think that women are hard to please. … Continue reading