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Are You Teaching Your Kids to Be Mediocre?

This blog is about using our purchasing power in order to create a better, more socially just and more economically prosperous society. We purchase with love from people who love what they do.   But I have another related issue that I wanted to discuss pretty please.  Are we affirming the individuality of our children so that they can be trailblazers for the new and better society that we hope to create?
We all want our children to succeed in life. But succeeding should mean following one’s own God given path and creating an amazing and unique destiny.  But most of us, myself included, usually just teach our kids to fall in line.
Do you make your daughters wear pink and purple? (What do colors have to do with biological sex?)
Did you say no the last time that your daughter asked to cut her hair short so that she would not have to deal with the pain of combing it?  (Hair has nothing to do with biological sex)
Are you making sure that your sons don’t play with dolls or toy kitchens? (Shouldn’t boys raise kids and know how to cook?)
In this passionate TEDx talk, I describe why such training may be very dangerous during this time of rapid cultural and technological change.  The video is short. Please watch and tell me your thoughts by emailing me at or call me at 347-886-2026. I would love to speak at your school, church or organization.

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