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Black Owned Alternatives to Major Brands (A Guide to Buying Black – December 2014)

I committed to purchasing from small businesses during the holiday season in 2014 and it was not an easy process.   The one percent have abundant economic resources to make purchasing from them seamless, convenient and emotionally enjoyable.  Most small business owners do not have such resources.  I struggled to complete a purchase of cookies because renegade ads for a major cookie brand kept on popping up on my screen directing me to a major brand’s site.  One company did not have online commerce capabilities and the owner expected me to email him my credit card info. What a joke!  I had to try three different websites before I was able to find a company that would send a particular brand of wine to my state.  I had to travel farther than I would usually travel in order to secure goods.  I am also guilty as an owner.  My sister wanted to purchase shoes from my shoe company joojos and experienced difficulty getting the shoes in the size that she needed. My husband and I, the owners of joojos, have limited capital and therefore our inventory is not as wide-ranging as a major children’s shoe company.

But these sacrifices are small compared to the sacrifices that those before us have endured for the causes that they believed in. No one spit in my face.  No dogs were sent to attack me.  No guns were waved at me.   Moreover, I have built invaluable mutually beneficial relationships with fellow entrepreneurs.  It was worth it.

I have compiled a list of black-owned alternatives to major brands.  I will update it from time to time.  Please see the link to the pdf below and the table below. Please share it widely.

Black Owned Alternatives to Major Brands _ December 2014



Purchasinglove’s Guide for Buying Black

All of these businesses are black-owned and many of them are small start-ups which desperately need our patronage. Patronizing from these businesses may require patience. But that patience pales in comparison to the sacrifices that our ancestors have made. Moreover, that patience is a small sacrifice for the goal of economic empowerment within communities of African descent. According to Maggie Anderson, author of Our Black Year, 95% of wealth in the black community leaves. While one dollar circulates in the Jewish community for 20 days, the Asian-American community for 30 days and the Anglo Saxon community for 17 days, it only circulates in the African-American community for 6 hours before leaving. It is time to recirculate the wealth in order to create employment and inter-generational wealth. Ujamaa (cooperative economics) has never been so important. Please subscribe to for updates to this list.

Additionally, if you are an entrepreneur of African descent, please do three things. First, register your business with the Around The Way App which is a black-owned business directory. Second, set up a web store at Third, contact me, Ama Yawson, at so that I can feature you on my socially responsible spending/small business blog

Item Category Big Box Brand Emerging Black-Owned Business
Cookies Ms. Field’s Cookies Favorable Treats

Energy Bars Kind Bars

Nature Valley Bars

Power Bars


Bath and Beauty Products – Soaps, Lotions/Butters and Hair Products Origins Body


Lime Green

Nubian Heritage

Shea Moisture

Pooka Pure and Simple

Belle Butters

Camile Rose Naturals

Karen’s Body Beautiful – Hair products for natural hair by a Bed Stuy native – available at Target

Ixora Botanical Beauty

Nuekie – Natural skin care for dry skin formulated by a black woman chemist

The Mane Choice – Hair vitamins and hair products

Naturally Me – Vegan Body Products for Dry Skin

Sheamakery – high end bath products that look like desserts

Gift Baskets Wine and Country Gift Baskets Taikun Cos , LLC Riding Hood Baskets

Bookstores Barnes and Nobles Hueman Bookstore

Special Interest Books by Black Publishers Penguin books Kids

Simon and Schuster

Just Us Books – Publisher and Distributor of books for children of color

Independently published books for teens and adults include Afro-State of Mind by Lurie Favors, Afros: A Celebration of Natural Hair by Michael July and One Drop by Yaba Blay.

Independently published books for children include Sunne’s Gift by Ama Yawson, The Ghanaian Goldilocks by Tamara Pizzoli and Thunder and Lightening by Mary Evans which are all available on Amazon.

Spas Bliss Spa

Elizabeth Arden Spas

Support a local black-owned spa in your area by going to the link below.

Wines Yellow Tail Wines Heritage Link Brands is a black-owned distributor of black-owned South African wine companies including Seven Sisters, House of Mandela, M’hudi and One World

Bee D’vine wine is a brand of Ethiopian honey wine which is black-owned and produced in California. A certain portion of revenue is used for reforestation projects in Ethiopia.

Tea Teavana Loose Leaf Teas that inspire creativity and productivity

Baby Food Earth’s Best Organic

Happy Baby

Sista Girl Baby Food

Women’s Clothing Rainbow



Uptown Girl – Trendy Fashions

Blue Labels Boutique- Trendy Fashions

Busayo NYC -African print in modern styles

Rue 114 – African inspired with plus sizes

Antisparkle – Inspirational T-Shirts

Men’s Clothing Macy’s

Men’s Warehouse

J. Crew

B. Oyama – High end Italian suits with Parisian style

Martin de Tours – Custom Made Suits owned by Bed Stuy Local

Kool Nerd – Inspirational T-Shirts. Some of the proceeds from sales go to promoting science, technology, engineering, art and math among children of African descent.

Brooklyn Circus – Trendy Street-Wear

Children’s Clothing The Children’s Place

Old Navy

The Gap

Mixed Up Clothing – Spring and summer multicultural fashion

Gbekembe Girls – African inspired fashion that grows with your girls,

Women’s Shoes Jimmy Choo


Shane and Shawn – Stylish Shoes which are designed to be comfortable.

Samanta Shoes – Stylish shoes for women with larger feet.

Fever Shoes – Trendy Shoes

Children’s Shoes Stride Rite Joojos – Artisinal baby and toddler shoes made from Italian leathers and partially-hand crafted in Romania.

Watches Rolex


Banneker Watches

Handbags Coach


Michael Kors

Love Cortnie

Christopher Augmon

Jewerly Claire’s


Kah Yoot

Rachel Stewart

V Creations

Precious Heart Designs

Intimate Apparel Victoria Secret Urban Intima

Dolls Mattel Sugarfoot Ragdolls and Books

Natural Girls United – Natural Hair Dolls

Children’s Educational Products

-Language Acquistion Programs

-History Lessons


Rosetta Stone

Smartcoos – Language programs for Mandarin, Spanish and more.

Sweet Blackberry Videos – Created by Karyn Parsons to teach important stories of African American triumph

Greeting Cards Hallmark African American Expressions

Shaving Products Art of Shaving


Founded by African-American Silicon Valley guru Tristan Walker, Bevel is a shaving system designed specifically for men with kinky or curly hair. This is the first product of Walker Brands which aims to be be a fresh, new and Black-owned consumer products conglomerate.


4 thoughts on “Black Owned Alternatives to Major Brands (A Guide to Buying Black – December 2014)

  1. We are a black owned and operated Floorcovering business since 1995. We sell and install carpet,tile,hardwood, laminate wood and countertops. We sell several top name brands. Mainly Mohawk! Call us in Oklahoma 580-353-6839 or come see us 1602 SE. SHERIDAN Rd.


  2. I am looking for a company that makes baby food. I tried the sister girl website to buy food but it wouldn’t allow me to make a purchase. Do anyone know of another company?


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